the ask

create a realistic 911 emergency call center interface and animation for multiple screens to help tell the story. additional task of compositing about 50 shots.

there were multiple story points that needed their own custom screen. it had to accommodate video and audio feeds, 3d graphics, and a map system at its core. the look and feel was also used to inform the server computer at the end keeping a unified look to the operating system.


look to real life to inform the design and base it on reality

the first step was to look for screenshots of actual emergency call center software. those were cross referenced with other cinematic depictions of interfaces and ui to build out the visual language.

development & design

working with the director was key in making sure the design had all the aspects needed to support the story beats.

from audio analyzation screens and traffic cam feed screens, to a server back-up system interface and even a large 20ft media command center wall many different iterations were built off the core base operating system framework. in addition to the design and animation all compositing was also done by parker.