more than a job it’s a way of life

parker originally hails from cape coral, florida. he was brought to the west coast by a love for design, music, the outdoors, and an urge to experience near-zero humidity.

a man of many interests, parker fills his time with design and animation, playing the drums, and being a dad to the best 4 year old this side of the mississippi.

drumming is what got parker into design originally as he took it upon himself to create a website for a band he was in at the time. from there it was design, then animation, then visual effects for film and tv. parker continues to raise the bar and take on new challenges, both professionally, and personally to grow as much as possible as an artist and human.

the crew

parker mccabe

parker mccabe

supreme leader
the boy king

the boy king

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the top dog

over two decades as a


something about the visceral motion, power, and raw expression really drew parker toward drums, and he finally acquired a set the at the age of 15. over 20 years later, parker is still as captivated as all those years ago, if not more. he has found great influences in drummers like matt gartska, mike portnoy, blake richardson, chris pennie, thomas lang, and tony royster jr.

parker has played hip hop, bluegrass, metal, rock, hardcore and more, but the odd time juxtaposed with heavy rhythms and syncopation make Progressive Rock/Metal his favorite music to play.

let's talk drums

the hobbies

other things parker enjoys doing


woodworking presents a nice contrast to the fully digital life parker leads otherwise. it gives a nice break from the computer to put hands on something and craft out of tangible materials.



something about using the skin of animals to make things speaks to our inner human, and parker is no different. its always fun to approach a new project as its all about order of operations.



with over fifty pairs of shoes, parker has a problem. He's just making up for a missed childhood of cool sneakers. ultraboost and yeezys are some of parker's favorites to don.

how parker spends his time

drummer 90%
designer 80%
dad 70%
lover 75%
fighter 20%
joker 90%
smoker 0%
midnight toker 50%

drums by parker mccabe, music by nathan owen