Unused designs

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Unused designs

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that for every logo, you, as the consumer or viewer see, there are hundreds if not thousands that were rejected to get to the final logo that made it to production. Below is one such case. I was creating a logo for Florida Front Page, a news aggregate site.

I started by taking the Florida part in a very uh fruity direction…Looking back now I don’t know why oranges have to mean Florida, but I suppose I was looking for a bold icon to represent Florida and the orange was it for me. These were all rejected, so I hit the drawing board again and came up with a round of new ideas with a new color palette.

Some of these ideas focused on an overlapping of shapes to show multiple sources having things in common. These proved to be more in line with what the client was looking for.
This is the final logo for Florida Front Page….Sadly the site is no longer active, but thats how these things go.

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