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50 inches of imperfection

They have the camera plugged into this 50 inch plasma screen on set, and it basically shows every little imperfection in your face, being HD and all. But it helps for things like framing and focus, and really gives a sense of what it might look like on the viewers screen….if they have a 50 inch plasma television.

Of course you can also see plenty of information about the shot we’re working on such as frame rate, aperature, gain, MIC levels, etc. Also, this was taken at about 7:00 PM, still light out….there are black tarps over the outside of the windows to make it look like night. This is a great, cheap way to fake night time, and it does the job nicely.

By the way Wahi Media is the company producing this and some other interesting education videos. From their website:

“Most mass communication methods push a message out but never bring anything back. A wahi allows you to open a two-way dialogue—it gets your message out and tells you how the audience responds to it. A wahi doesn’t just talk, it listens.”

I really like these guys. They are a great team of writers and videographers/designers/directors….They are fun, easy to work with and always have a great attitude!

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